Anyone who checks into BnA is immediately connected to an extended community in Koenji and can enjoy a creative cultural experience unthinkable with traditional accommodations.
— Japan Times

Stay Inside a Work of Art, Experience Tokyo's Vibrant Creative Scene

Artist hotel - BnA hotel Koenji is an independent Art hotel produced by the Bed & Art Project (BnA). 
Each room is designed and built by a local Japanese artists and a team of architects, textile designers, and carpenters.

The bar, gallery, and rooftop lounge inside the cozy complex hosts a number of events year-round, and allows the guests to interact with the community in a social setting.

Support the Local Artists

BnA utilizes art hotel rooms as a means to support up-and-coming Japanese artists while offering art-loving travelers the unique experience of staying in a functional work of art. Artists receive a share of the profits from each room booking. Art aficionados visiting Japan often find it hard to gain access to the hidden artistic community of Tokyo. BnA’s vision is a creative solution that helps both the local artists with international ambitions, and the international travelers with a local appetite.

Currently two rooms are available, and we plan to expand more rooms all around Koenji, Tokyo, turning the whole neighborhood into an art hotel.


Check-in at our bar dubbed "FrontDesk" - A local hangout for artists and creative community. 


A pack of wolves running though the room. Created by the artist Yohei Takahashi.

ROOM 2: "TEN."

Experience the unique world of the artist Ryuichi "OGI" Ogino


Our "Backroom" Gallery is a hidden gem that hosts a myriad of art events and exhibitions. Follow us on Facebook/Instagram for what's coming up.

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